About Leigh Hackspace

An accessible, social workspace, where you can meet people, learn new skills, and build awesome things!

What is Leigh Hackspace?

Leigh Hackspace is a shared community workspace that offers the facilities you need to make a bunch of stuff you’re not able to make at home. Maybe you don’t have the right tools? Maybe you don’t have enough space? Maybe you’re stuck trying to figure out a problem you’re not able to solve on your own? We’re here to help!

Solve problems

Visit Leigh Hackspace and solve all of these problems – we provide workspace, inspiration, equipment, ideas, support, training and even some materials for ‘hacking’. All with a great community spirit and a ‘can-do’ atmosphere.

‘Hackspaces’ have nothing to do with computer ‘hacking’ (although it’s a great place to come and learn how to program or otherwise master your computer).

History of Leigh Hackspace

Leigh Hackspace was initially set up as a Facebook group and garnered plenty of interest for local supporters. Before long, everyone involved in this early stage realised that there was a demand for a physical space where people could gather, share their ideas and resources, and work on projects together.

Luckily, Leigh Hackspace was able to obtain space through an empty shop scheme and moved into a disused retail unit in Leigh town centre on Market Street. Having a shopfront helped spread the word, the space grew quickly and soon Leigh Hackspace was ready to expand into even larger premises. In 2016 Leigh Hackspace moved into larger premises within a former mill’s warehouse space.

Moving to Leigh Spinners Mill

The space continued to grow and evolve and in 2019 the decision was taken to move into Leigh Spinners Mill, to be part of the vibrant community of local organisations and businesses that had started to flourish. It was going to be a big job, our volunteers were going to physically build out the space to our community’s bespoke specifications. The project was ambitious but the team of volunteers were passionate, determined and excited to have such an amazing opportunity. The build began in November.

Leigh Hackspace 3.0

Not long after this bold move everything changed, the global pandemic meant that all work was halted. The situation was frustrating and all plans had to be put on hold. During this time a number of other issues arose surrounding the building the new space was part of. These circumstances unfortunately caused further delays.

As of today the build of Leigh Hackspace V.3.0 is still underway, a dedicated team of volunteers continue to spend their free time working towards a common goal. If Leigh Hackspace sounds like a place you might be interested in, why not visit us and get involved?

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